Friday, December 13, 2013

Angel Message for Today - Archangel Metatron is reaching out to you in Compassion

Angel image by Glenyss BourneI am Archangel Metatron, I am reaching out to you in Love and Compassion to help you to move beyond your present circumstances and to fulfil your destiny. You are more than you know, more powerful than you could imagine and I will help you grow in Love, strength and courage to overcome the obstacles that beset you on your life's Journey. Call upon me and I will light your way through the darkness!

 I was guided by the Angels to offer our Angel Art online. I have many blogs about the Angels, Angel Paintings, Reiki, Archangels and Guardian Angels, Spiritual Healing and an online Angel Art Gallery. I also offer Flower Remedies and energy enhanced products and affordable Angel Paintings, available worldwide at my website ©Glenyss Bourne 2012

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