Spiritual Energy Portraits

I was recently been guided to do Spiritual Energy Portraits of loved ones who have passed on, from photos. 
They are Energy Portraits, and help people to accept that their loved ones live on in Spirit. When I am doing the paintings I can feel the loving presence of the departed one who can show their ongoing love to those left behind, through their portrait and their undying Love, happiness and contentment shines through and offer comfort to their loved ones.

Henry's Angelic Mum

 The small image was the only photo Henry, a disabled man had of his mother, who has passed on some years ago. It was in very poor condition and had been blown up from a Drivers License photo and was covered with blue and red lines. The other image is my finished portrait of her Angelic Self

This is the message I got from Jainee who works with Herry in Aged Care. "Glenyss, you should of seen Henry's face with the picture of his Mum that you did. He Loved it. It's just beautiful, thank you for making his day.
 She really has come to life It was hard today not to cry when he was unwrapping her. He was quiet when he was opening it, staring at it in awe. One staff member said to him as he started to unfold it through the bubble wrap, "Who do you think this is"? and he said, my Mum, then someone said, what was her name. He said, I don't know. I said it's "Angel", because she is one isn't she and he beamed and said yes. He is going to have it placed so that she looks over the room. He was told about Sanctuary and will bring him out one day to sit amongst the pictures. Hugs xox"

 I also made a video of her with Jesus and the Angels in the heavenly Realms.

Please email me if you feel that you would like an Angelic Energy Portrait done of somebody you love who is in Spirit. I only need a photo emailed to me to get started.

Angelic Casper

I was recently asked if I could paint an Angelic Painting of Caspe,r an Angel in the form of a dog.  He was a very beautiful and much loved family member who recently passed away and his owner was grieving terribly.
I was emailed some photos and as soon as I began I could feel him with me, so strong, loving and at peace and I felt the guidance begin.
He was camera shy but allowed the photo I worked with to be taken just a few hours before he died. It is as if he knew it would bring great comfort to his owner.

This is Caspers Angelic Self s he is now!

My friend Jainee, who asked me to do this Angelic portrait for the bereaved owner, told me 'The owner of the dog was very overwhelmed when she received this picture. It's just beautiful and captures everything about him. His energies calmed those that were fortunate enough to come in contact with him".

Please email me if you feel that you would like an Angelic Energy Portrait done of somebody you love who is in Spirit. I just need a photo to get started.

© Glenyss Bourne 2012

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