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Anaheart Angel Artwork and Flower Remedies 

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  • "Amazing Angel Stories"
    You are invited to tell your own amazing Angel story here.
    Read true life accounts of close encounters with Angels.
    Angels are real!
    Let us document and celebrate their existence!

Articles and pages by/about Glenyss:

  • "Creating Harmonious Space with Angel Art"
    — eBay Guide, by Glenyss Bourne.
  • "Follow Your Dreams and Never Give Up"
    — Natural Therapy, by Glenyss Bourne.
  • Interview withGlenyss Bourne part 2: Angels Step Forward 

  • Interview with GlenyssBourne: Healing From The Angelic Realm- part 1

    Glenyss shares her spiritual journey, explaining how her art evolved and became angelic in composition. Glenyss became very ill and spent over a year in hospital, but believes that the pain and suffering she endured offered an incredible opportunity for learning. Not only did she dissolve her fears of dying, but she gained greater understanding of the healing that her angel art provides.

    Angel Art Magazine Article

    In late 2007, Glenyss was interviewed by Colleen Bate for issue 11 of the magazine Digital Reproduction. A PDF copy of the article can be seen here.

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