Thursday, March 20, 2014

Angel Message for Today-Relationship

  It is through relationship that you learn, grow and develop on the earth plane.
Many seek spiritual growth through withdrawal and contemplation but for most this is most unsatisfying. The journey into the physical body is a journey into action and subsequent reaction. Compassion and empathy do not develop on their own. Interactive experiences give the opportunity to develop and explore these great emotions. For it is through the emotions and contemplative and thoughtful control of the emotions that we enjoy the most fruitful journey on the physical plane.

The actions you perform when faced with emotional responses to everyday life are the cornerstones of your education and experience on Earth.
Thoughtful and compassionate reactions can bring great joy and ultimate fulfillment, and bring you nearer to your ultimate goal— Pure Unselfish Unconditional love.
Love is the journey and Love is the Goal.

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