Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Angel Message for Today- Strength and Courage

Angel of Divine Light "Stella Maris" by Glenyss Bourne

Today's Angel message comes from "Stella Maris", the Angel of Strength and Courage.
"When you feel down and your courage is tested, remember Who you really are.

You are not just this body, You are not just this mind; but much, much more.

You are an Immortal Soul and Your playground is the Universe and you have CHOSEN THESE EXPERIENCES FOR YOUR OWN GROWTH!

Look beyond the experience to the Gift it contains."
I was guided by the Angels to offer our Angel Art online as the paintings are infused with Angelic energies which help to raise the vibration wherever they are placed. You can read more about the Angels, Angel Paintings, Reiki, Archangels and Guardian Angels and Spiritual Healing in my various blogs .
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copyright Glenyss Bourne 2010

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