Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Angel Message for Today- Eternal Love

Today's Angel message comes from the Angel of Eternal Love who reminds us to.. "Let go of grief, nothing is ever lost but merely changed. We mourn for ourselves."
We must remember that we are multi -dimensional powerful beings of Light, we are Powerful Eternal Spirits who need fear NOTHING!  In these troubled times it is easy to give into fear, and in this fearful state our LIGHT begins to dim.
As a powerful aware Being of LIGHT you must remember Who you really are and let your LIGHT shine brightly to enlighten these dark days and to lift the earthly vibration! If enough of us boldly shine our LIGHT on the world, it will become Heaven on Earth!
The Angels are with you!

The Angel reading comes from the book Sacred Wisdom by Glenyss Bourne, a book of Angelic Guidance. Signed Fine Art Prints from the digital original of this painting are available here.

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